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For years USA has faced huge immigration problems on its southern borders as large numbers of persons have crossed its border through Mexico. The American response to the problem has varied over the years. Few of its responses have been perfect; few responses have escaped criticism. The most recent response of zero tolerance that consisted of declaring those entering as criminals, separating adults from children and putting them in separate detentions has been criticized hugely around the world. It was described as torture of little children by no less than the UN Human Rights Commission from which America withdrew subsequently, of even babies and of snatching babies from mothers. It has been reversed but thousands of children remain separated while America scampers for alternate policies. This present move may have destroyed future of thousands of children through psychological trauma. It is heaping disgrace upon a once great nation. More tragic still is the fact that instead of finding solutions, many have jumped in to profit from the situation, politicians both for political and financial gain, prison companies and child traffickers, human traffickers, pedophiles, drug dealers and criminals accompanied by what a child prison guard described is an orchestra of wails of little children crying for their parents.

While all these problems persist and America continues to tie itself in knots over the issue, the question needs to be asked, could these problems have been avoided and if so how? The answer lies in one word – TRUTH.

If instead of calling all who come in as illegal aliens, illegal migrants or criminals the truth had been admitted that most of these persons are fleeing violence in their home countries, especially Central America then a solution is immediately found, Those fleeing violence from one country and arriving in another are REFUGEES. Once this fact is recognized the solution follows automatically.

America would have then done what every other country in the world does with refugees. If the number is small then asylum or deportation is considered after some deliberation. If numbers are large then they are housed in refugee camps near the border even for several years at a time. Presently there are millions in such camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and most recently the Rohingya in Bangladesh.  How to manage these refugee camps is well known. A number of international agencies and the UN have much experience in it. If there is fear that some are not real refugees but come to improve economic standards or with criminal intent, then the prospect of living in a refugee camp, perhaps for years on end, is deterrence enough. This solution can be used even now to solve the immigration problem overnight. Perhaps it is the only one that would have to be resorted to sooner or later.

President Trump has said that he would not like to see refugee camps in America but the fact is that American interventions around the world ever since WWII have directly or indirectly helped to create refugee camps in many countries around the world and saints, mystics and scientists declare that everything we do good or bad must return, albeit, often with a delay. The time for that Karma to unfold has come.

One may ask, what if refugee camps are set up, what next? The same as every other country does with refugees. Work towards stabilizing conditions in their home countries even if it takes several years and then returns the refugees there through various arrangements for one. India had to go to war with Pakistan to return millions of refugees that had fled violence to Bangladesh in 1971. The entire process was well organized, swift and efficient.

This saga once again illustrates the eternal truth that saints have voiced from the beginning of civilization,

In adherence to truth lies solution to all human problems, the use of lies leads to misery