Continuing conflicts in the world are proof that UN has not been an effective mechanism in curbing tragic conflicts in the world. The power of veto by one or other member has stalled progress. The world would be a safer place if the following two reforms can be made to the UN

I The Power to override vetoes

The general assembly of the UN must be granted power to override vetoes on resolutions of the Security Council by a two third majority vote. This is only fair since just a handful of nations must not control all the powers of the UN

II Making Votes of General Assembly more democratic

Presently in the UN general assembly very small nations as well as the largest ones have an equal vote of one. This does not lead to a very representative decision. The problem can be easily fixed by making votes proportional to population of different countries, not exactly but as shown in the table so that the smallest of nations also have one vote and the largest no more than 10.

Proportional votes in UNGA

Proportional votes in UNGA

Nations that do not pay their prescribed contribution to the budget, say 1% of their GDP in a particular year would have their voting rights suspended in the following year.

With the two reforms as stated here the world can move faster to end conflicts that have been erupting in different parts of the world from time to time.